The semi-rigid integral skin urethane foam has a flexible and “rubbery” consistency which is suitable for the production of armrests, seats, steering wheels, but also gaskets, cavity filling elements, bumpers.

By acting on formulation and density, very different consistencies can be obtained.

This material has an expanded heart with semi-closed cells and a compact outer skin that is very resistant to abrasion; it can be printed in various colours and we are able to produce painted parts using in-mould coating technique.

With a photoengraved or sandblasted surface mould, it is possible to obtain very good surface finishes and. Like for rigid materials, it is possible to integrate metal inserts to give structure and create fixing points.

Components for tractors, earthmoving machinery: internal cabin trims, armrest, carpets, gaskets, floor mats

Calandra 207
Front grille
Copertura grigia 175
Gray lateral trim
Tappeto nero 209
Black floor mat
Radiator gasket

Controlled gates: soft elements in the access gates of airports, subways, stadiums

Paletta rossa 237
Red access element

Dentist chairs and stools components

Bracciolo poltrona dentista 236
Dentist chair armrest

Chairlift seats and armrest with excellent insulation properties.

Chairlift seat

Furniture components: front drawer

Frontalino cassetto per mobile da ufficio 216
Front drawer for office furniture

Paddings for stairlift seats and backrests

Stairlift seat