Structural urethane foam is a rigid product, with good physical-mechanical characteristics, but at the same time light, which is used in many sectors, from furniture, to the nautical sector, to the automotive sector to create load-bearing structures with even complex shapes and variable thicknesses.

It can be printed at various densities to obtain different performances in terms of lightness and structural resistance.

It can be integrated with co-molded metal inserts to create fixing points and internal reinforcements.

N=C=O, for the production of rigid frameworks in structural PU, uses neutral BAYDUR systems, or black colored in bulk.

Automotive: interior bodywork components such as door panels, tunnels, superior trims, dashboards

Door panel

Furniture: chairs and armchairs shells and structures, armrests, panels and cabinets doors.

Chair structure
Nautical seat
Armchair structure

Medical equipment: casings and bodies for hospital machines, components for medical equipment.

Medical sector carter


Painted carter