N=C=O srl began its activity in 1978 as a unit dedicated to the urethane foam parts moulding.
It is part of Corradini group, which has been active in the production of polyurethanes since 1958, with companies in Italy, United States and United Arab Emirates.

Over the years N=C=O has developed its knowledge in the field of polyurethane technology in collaboration with the research and development department of the group, specializing in the production of automotive parts and making this sector its core business, while not neglecting other projects in different fields, such as those of furniture, biomedical, nautical, rope transport and controlled gates.

The company in 2002 obtained quality certification according to ISO 9001.

Over the years it has developed excellent collaborations with other companies in the area that allow it to expand its services, starting from design up to the finished product even with particular finishes such as sandblasting, flocking, application of coatings, assembly of components, through the construction of models and moulds, production, finishing and control.

N=C=O srl in 2013 acquired the control of Gemitech Italia, a manufacturer of high precision light metal carpentry.

In 2017, to expand the range of achievable products, together with Modelleria Modenese it founded Pan Compositi, a company dedicated to the production of components in high-performance composite materials.

N=C=O srl has an efficient mold construction department that deals with the construction, modification and maintenance of all equipment.

It also has highly trained and competent staff who take care of the ordinary and extraordinary maintenance of foaming machines.

The service to the customer is completed by the consultancy we always offer, both in the design phase and throughout the life of the product, to refine and improve the characteristics of each printed detail as much as possible.

The company has got modern 3D CAD programs capable of displaying any type of modeling and three-dimensional measuring equipment interfaced with mathematics for the dimensional checks of particular products. In synergy with a company that has been collaborating with us for many years, we are also able, if necessary, to provide solid modeling services with class A surfaces, design, co-design and rapid prototyping.